LED Track Light

LED Track Light

A variation to spot lights installed on surface mounted tracks, for indoor use, track lights can enhance paintings or areas requiring specific focus of illumination.

1) Triple/single circuit tracks with joiners and feed

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Power 9W 30W 30W
Lumen 810 ~ 900 lm 2740 ~ 3000 lm 2740 ~ 3000 lm
Dimensions Ø75*160mm Ø100*190*D150mm Ø105*200mm
Circuit track Single Triple Single
Type COB
Light Color Cool White | Warm White
Casing Silver | Black | White (30W)
Input Voltage AC220 – 240V | 50-60Hz
Angle 60°
Operating Temperature -15° to 50°
Warranty 5 years
Accessories Single / Triple Circuit Tracks with joiners and feeders